Artificial visions

visual explorations

The cycle Artificial Visions, is a series of research and contemplative audiovisual experiences that propose a reflection on our environment and the way we perceive reality. These researches present nature through imaginary places and invite the audience to observe the process of analysis and reinterpretation of the natural environment through the use of technology.

The experiences propose smooth movements in imaginary landscapes formed by points and geometrical forms.

Using real-life 3D scans as raw material, the sequences alternate between scientific visualizations and abstract paintings inspired by nature.

On a more global level, the studies of this cycle use several techniques of capture ( Lidar 3D scanners, photography, video) with different types of processing (real-time or precalculated) and for several media (screen, immersive experiences, pen plotter printings..).

These researches are part of a long term project and are therefore destined to evolve.

Here are some projects exploring this approach: Horizon, New Land, Ingenuous, Woods Walk, Forest, Flame, On The Track.
Other experiments are also visible in my visual experimentation space.

Prints in differents formats are available to order here.

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