visual exploration 

FLAME is a personnal visual exploration and a reflection about how machines perceive our world. How they could reproduce natural environments in their own way.
Here it is an abstract interpretation of a heat flow. The slowing down of time offers a contemplation of the observed phenomenon.

This work is a part of a series of graphic experiment about natural environnements and organic phenomenons.
Please watch FOREST and WOODS WALK that are part of the same series.

The work is a recording of particle systems influenced by forces and procedural noises, running real time 4k resolution. The combination of parameters represents a unique composition at each instant.

Available via FRAMED

Music: excerpt from Laurie Spiegel - The Unquestioned Answer

2020. Exposed in Dong Gallery, Tapei, Taïwan. 90mx3m  LED Screen


Here is some snapshots of the creative process.

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