For the release of his new album “Air France” JORIS DELACROIX booted his tour with a show set in front of a jet aircraft engine made with LED strips aligned around a conic center made of mirrors, creating an immersive curved screen. Every video content was specially created for this show, which is audio-reactive and triggered by Joris midi sequences. The installation was completed by 12 surrounding sharpie moving lights programmed to be synchronized with the music.

SUPERBIEN imagined this spatial aircraft and created the video content, build it, ALL ACCESS DESIGN created the light show, on an impulse of SAVOIR FAIRE who produced this amazing tour.

My role was to produce video content with the SUPERBIEN team and to work with Joris to synchronize his music to the video contents, using midi triggers.

Client : Savoir Faire
Production : High Scream
Scenography / Art direction / Video Content : Superbien
Design Light : All Access Design
Musique : Joris Delacroix

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