Project Type
Interactive installation
Main concept, Art Direction, Real time graphics
Notch, Touchdesigner,  VVVV,  Ableton

Entities is a projet I started with the Superbien Studio in 2018. I had been asked to imagine an artistic interactive installation.
I imagined a concept based on different digital autonomous virtual entities that can react to the stimulii of the spectators/participants. 

We developed primary "brains" and each of these personalities react in their own way depending on the position of the participants, their number, the speed of their movement...

The behaviour displayed by our ever-changing creatures varies according to variables generated in real time, resulting in visual and auditory responses.

A sensory and dreamlike experience that mixes the virtual and the real, in a fusion of shapes and volumes, sounds and lights.

The aesthetics of ENTITIES is designed to transform itself and the Entities vary according to the supports. I have used variations during the Peacock electro music festival in Paris (2019) or in Time Square, NYC.

visual researches (realtime graphics)

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